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The Ultimate Fighter

Octagon Buzz provides for you live real-time results from the finals of The Ultimate Fighter 7, taking place at The Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, NV.  Hit your refresh or F5 button to get up-to-the minute results.

Rob Kimmons vs. Rob Yundt

Yundt attempts a lazy takedown but slips into a guillotine.  He’s out of it but slips into an armbar – which he slips out of too.  Yundt is stuck in Kimmons’ guard and landing punches and elbows to Kimmons’ side.  Kimmons passes guard and is now landing hard punches; Yundt scrambles but lunges into a guillotine.  This time, Yundt doesn’t escape and taps out at 3:58 of the first round.  Excellent effort by Kimmons.

Jeremy Horn vs. Dean Lister

An early hard left jab by Horn rocks Lister.  Lister reverses with a single-leg attempt and lands in half-guard.  Lister fails an omaplata from half-butterfly position.  Horn scrambles and gets back on his feet.  Lister tries a few takedowns before succeeding with a double-leg takedown.  Lister sweeps and pulls guard when Horn tries to scramble again but is caught in a deep guillotine.  Not looking good for Horn.  Horn taps out at 3:52 of the opening round.

Matt Arroyo vs. Matt Brown

Round 1 – Good right cross by Arroyo early on but Brown shrugs it off.  A hard kick by Arroyo followed by a flurry of punches.  Arroyo then pins Brown to the fence.  Arroyo scoops up Brown and pins him to the fence.  Brown scrambles but Arroyo pins him again against the fence.  Quality punches by Arroyo pepper Brown’s face.  Brown’s nose is open and now pouring blood.  Brown fires back though.  Brown hurts Arroyo  with a right hand and just misses a left head kick.  Excellent action-packed round.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz gives the round to Arroyo, 10-9.

Round 2 – Arroyo is tentative early on.  Brown now picking up the pace as he fires a right kick that grazes Arroyo.  After a clinch, Arroyo pulls guard.  Arroyo now trash-talking  after every punch thrown by Brown.  Arroyo attempts a triangle but Brown avoids it.  Brown moves Arroyo along the fence then picks up the pace with some serious ground-and-pound.  Several hard punches rock Arroyo.  A few more punches land, forcing referee Herb Dean to stop the fight at 3:40 of the second round by way of TKO.  Brown emerges victorious.

Marvin Eastman vs. Andrew McFedries

Lots of action very early as Eastman is rocked by an uppercut.  McFedries tees off and lands a series of glancing punches and knees.  Eastman flops around attempting a single leg takedown but McFedries escapes.  Eastman looks in bad shape.  McFedries throws Eastman to the canvas and unloadsmany punches before referee Steve Mazzagatti stops the fight at 1:08 of the first round. 

Cale Yarbrough vs. Timothy Credeur

This fight was cancelled when it was discovered by the Nevada state Athletic Commission that Credeur had a banned substance in his system.

Josh Burkman vs. Dustin Hazelett

Round 1 – Both fighters throwing head kicks but no dice for either guy.  A brief exchange of punches and Burkman has a small cut over his left eye.  A huge double leg by Burkman but he falls into a guillotine.  Burkman escapes but Hazelett applies a deep omaplata.  Burkman escapes but is then caught in a rear-naked choke then a deep D’arce.  Burkman somehow escapes that and is now in Hazelett’s half-guard.  The first round ends when Burkman scrambles out of full-guard and onto his feet.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Hazelett.

Round 2 – Burkman clips Hazelett with a spinning back kick to the head.  Hazelett counters with a stiff right hand.  Pace slows a bit.  Hazelett tries to jump onto Burkman’s chest but pins him into the cage.  Burkman circling away but no action.  Both flurry late then Hazelett clips Burkman with a right head kick.  Both clinch  and Hazelett tries a wizzer but Burkman avoids it.  On the spot, Hazelett goes over Burkman’s right shoulder and applies a deep armbar.  Burkman taps out at 4:46 of the second round.

Dante Rivera vs. Matt Riddle

Round 1 – Rivera gets it going early with a low kick.  Riddle clinches and tries a single-leg but Rivera defends it with his back to the cage.  Rivera latches onto Riddle’s neck and swings him around.  Riddle frees his head and knees Rivera’s lead leg.  A grazing knee to Rivera’s chin pops out his mouthpiece, which prompts referee Herb Dean to separate the fighters.  Riddle goes back to clinch where he continues to knee Rivera’s left thigh.  Riddle then scores a takedown and lands a few elbows.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Riddle.

Round 2 – Both fighters trade punches and knees from the clinch, Rivera getting the better of the exchanges.  Riddle continues to press Rivera to the fence.  Rivera eats some knees to the upper leg before failing on a judo throw.  Rivera pulls guard but gives up mount in the process.  Riddle applies a guillotine but tosses that aside to strike.  It looked like Riddle was going to finish the round with punches but instead gives up position with a lame armbar attempt.  Riddle, on his back, slaps on a triangle that Riveera narrowly escapes from.  Stephen Rhodes from Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Riddle.

Round 3 – Riddle gets on top early.  Rivera goes to a rubber guard but loses it when Riddle passes.  Both fighters stand and trade kicks.  Rissle takes down Rivera down but referee Dean immediately stand both of them up.  Riddle gets another takedown and mount.  He punches Rivera’s head qand looks for a triangle from the top as the third round ends. Stephen Rhodes from Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Riddle.  The official judges score the fight 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Riddle.

Jeremy Stephens vs. Spencer Fisher

Round 1 – Stephens pulls guard and eats some glancing punches from Fisher.  Stephens tries to secure an armbar and triangle but Fisher avoids them.  From half-guard, Fisher fakes like he’s going to work on unlocking Stephens’ legs just before he lands a backward elbow.  Stephens gives up his back but defends very well.  Stephens gets back to guard and absorbs more punishment.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Fisher.

Round 2 – Stephens stuns Fisher with a straight hand.  Fisher answers with a 2-punch combo then follows up with a right hook.  Fisher scores a takedown directly into side-control where he elbows Stephens’ head  before being put into half-guard.  Just before the horn sounds, Stephens gets to his feet and slams Fisher to the canvas.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Stephens.

Round 3 – Fisher begins the round  with a kick to the midsection.  Stephens lands a right hand and hard knee to Fisher’s body.  Stephens pulls guard with a guillotine that is defended.  Fisher moves from the mount to side-control where he hits the head with his right hand.  Stephens gets to his feet then lands a right hand followed by a jumping elbow.  Stephens then scores a takedown.  Fisher’s corner begs him to press the issue but he defends from his guard and stands instead.  Stephens tries for a guillotineas the third round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Stephens.  All 3 judges score the fight 29-28 for Spencer Fisher.

Diego Sanchez vs. Luigi Fioravanti

Round 1 – Fioravanti land a straight right hand.  Fioravanti gets Sanchez’ right leg with a low kick.  Sanchez answers back with a flying knee.  Sanchez kicks Fioravanti’s head with his right leg.  Fioravanti avoids a single-leg and lands a right hand.  Sanchez scores with a left-right combo.  Fioravanti rolls out of a Sanchez takedown and then taunts him.  Fioravanti then slams Sanchez to the canvas just before the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Sanchez.

Round 2 – Fioravanti lands a punch and appears to have hurt his lower left leg.  Sanchez drops Fioravanti with a hard punch.  He pounces and takes the top position in side-control.  Fioravanti gets to his feet without taking any damage.  Sanchez lands another head kick.  Both fighters connect with hard punches but it’s Fioravanti who falls.  Sanchez tries to finish his opponent, but Fioravanti recovers quickly and gets to his feet.  Fioravanti lands a solid right hand.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Sanchez.

Round 3 – Fioravanti connects with a left hook.  Again Fioravanti easily stops a Sanchez shot.  Sanchez lands two right hooks and gets a takedown off a scramble.  Sanchez briefly has his opponent’s back. Fioravanti rolls and gets to his feet.  Diego lands a left legged head kick that staggers Fioravanti.  Sanchez follows up with a jumping knee and strikes on the ground.  The referee calls a stop to the bout at 4:07 of the third round.

C.B. Dolloway vs. Amir Sadollah

Round 1 – Sadollah keeps his distance with two early front kicks.  Dollaway shrugs off the second kick and gets a single-leg.  Dollaway moves to side-control.  Sadollah scrambles back to guard and locks on an armbar.  Dollaway taps once and referee Herb Dean saves him quickly.  Dollaway complains about the stoppage but he clearly wanted out.  The official time is 3:02 of the first round.

Main EventKendall Grove vs. Evan Tanner

Round 1 – Steve Mazzagatti is the referee for this fight.  Tanner clinches with Grove and gets hit with an elbow.  Tanner gets a takedown into side-control, but Grove quickly stands up. An elbow cuts Tanner above the left eye.  Tanner drops for a single-leg, but is hit by a jumping knee.  Grove finds himself on his back, where he looks for a triangle.  Tanner escapes but slips.  Grove hops on his back.  Tanner breaks free before the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Grove.

Round 2 – Grove roughs up Tanner with knees from the Thai plum.  Tanner closes in and clinches along the fencing.  He picks Grove up and deposits him on the canvas.  Grove uses a Kimura to stand.  Grove drops Tanner with a standing elbow.  He stands and eats more elbows against the cage.  Tanner recovers quickly but offers little in terms of offense.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Grove.

Round 3 – Grove cracks Tanner with a left kick to the body.  After a fruitless two-minute long clinch, Tanner lands a right hand.  Grove answers with some elbows. Tanner pushes Grove away and lands a hard right.  Grove jabs and connects with a knee to the body.  Tanner closes the fight with a knee at the sound of the horn.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Grove.  The official judges see the bout 29-28 for Tanner and 30-26 (twice) for Kendall Grove.  Judge Al Lefkowitz curiously saw the fight in Tanner’s favor. 








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