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Scott Coker Interview

In an interview with ESPN Radio 1100, Strikeforce’s Scott Coker explains the Robbie Lawler situation and says that his hands were tied with finding a replacement fighter.

Mir Talks About Lesnar

In an interview with ESPN Radio 1100 and Yahoo! Sports, Frank Mir says Brock Lesnar may never be the same fighter and that he will target the abdomen area when they fight again.

Bas Rutten Interview

ESPN Radio secured an interview with Bas Rutten; Rutten mainly talks about Kimbo Slice and his chances of being a main-eventer again.

Randy Couture On ESPN Radio

Steve Cofield of ESPN Radio interviews Randy Couture in a 2-part segment as they discuss a wide variety of topics. One would think that Couture’s vocal cords would be strained by now as much face time as he is getting.

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