Pro Predictions: Alexander vs. Slice

Kimbo Slice (left), Dana White (center), Houston Alexander (right)

Everyone is a prognosticator in MMA, yours truly included. But trhe more interesting ones are the fighters themselves. So without further adieu, courtesy of my friends at Sherdog, let’s see who the pro MMA fighters think will win the botu between Houston Alexander and Kimbo Slice:

Matt Lindland: Great! One of these guys is getting knocked out and hopefully (will) be gone and so irrelevant, we won’t have to hear about him anymore.

Ray Elbe: Kimbo Slice by Dairy Queen-parking lot beatdown. Kimbo gets his bread just in time to buy a six-deuce shirt for Christmas.

Tom Gavrilos: Kimbo Slice by KO. Houston is tailor-made for Kimbo in that he doesn’t pose a major submission threat.

Stephane Vigneault: I think Kimbo can win this one. Since watching TUF, I think Kimbo improved a lot. He is a very good person and I think he is a real MMA fighter. Kimbo by TKO.

Gabe Ruediger: Interesting fight from a slugger point of view. It will most likely be over in two minutes. First guy to land is the winner. Who does that? No idea. Should be entertaining in a “WOW, they hit hard” way.

Ryan White: It’s going to be a good standup war and will be interesting to see how Kimbo will do against a tough fighter like Houston. They both have big knockout power.

Josh Kyrejto: Houston Alexander by KO. Kimbo is a street scrapper with no real skill other than being tough. You can’t just walk in off the street and into our world without training your ass off. Its bull—t that he even gets a shot in the UFC.

Dewey Cooper: Kimbo vs. Houston Alexander! I see this fight being an explosive first-round knockout by Houston Alexander. There’s no reason to think Kimbo can win this fight when he has not beaten any fighter at the caliber of Alexander, not to mention Houston seems to have the advantage in hand speed. Lastly I don’t trust the chin of Kimbo Slice. He’ll go to sleep in the first round.

Mike Ciesnolevicz: Great matchmaking by Joe Silva! This is a fight I am excited to see. No doubt it will be entertaining and a great stylistic matchup. I would bet everything I own that it doesn’t leave the first round. I will have to say Kimbo will be victorious by being the naturally bigger man. Neither one of these guys is well-rounded enough to take it to the ground and exploit the other’s weakness. Somebody is definitely getting KO’d, but then again maybe I’m wrong and these guys put on a BJJ clinic like we have never seen. Kimbo by armbar?

Scott Bieri: Kimbo gonna get his bread.

Zac George: Both will do us the favor of brawling hands down, chins up. So I pick whoever finds the other guy’s chin first. Kimbo + more hair + better hidden chin = KO win.

Jason Lambert: Houston by KO/TKO.

Erik Paulson: Happy holidays! Kimbo is a media icon. He’s very marketable and can do lots of films, commercials and movies. I saw him in a show last night on TV, (and) he was very funny and believable. I’ve seen Alexander in many magazines and I want to buy his new shoes that he advertises! Alexander is a very similar type of fighter (to Kimbo); straight to the point and likes to get the job done quickly. I think that both fighters have improved drastically in their game. I think when the bell rings, I’m gonna be sitting back, eating some pizza or popcorn and will be totally excited just waiting to see what happens (and) so will the rest of the world. I think the fight will go to the man with the best game plan, later, (and) to the man with the best overall conditioning and the strongest will.

Chael Sonnen: I think Matt Hamill vs. Jon Jones is a great fight and I can’t wait to see it.

Roland Sarria: Houston Alexander will win on a decision.

Mac Danzig: I’m trying to think of a prediction that will further upset uptight fans and make them cry about how I supposedly don’t have a right to make fun of other fighters, but with this one, I’m drawing a blank. The only thing that comes to mind when I think of this matchup is, “Who cares?” Then I remember that people are intrigued by dumb matches, which is why we have matches like Butterbean vs. Tank Abbott and Jose Canseco vs. Hong Man Choi. The truth is, Kimbo could sell a fight to see Mr. Van Driessen. And what can you say? People just want to see a guy who beat up homeless folks in a boar storage lot compete in a sport with consummate professionals. They want to see what will happen, even though they know what the outcome will be. Kimbo will get his bread to feed his family despite having no business in the UFC and the fans will wholeheartedly pay for it. Now this is where people who like this goofball for some reason can grit their teeth at their computers and talk to each other about how Kimbo would “thump” me if he saw me in “da streets” … Eh, anyway, I think Houston should win this, but it’s just a fight after all and anything can happen. I suppose you can mark me down as “undecided” or just plain “unpopular.”

Duke Roufus: Houston by mean mug!

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One Response to “Pro Predictions: Alexander vs. Slice”

  1. Marc says:

    Nothing better than hearing bitter has beens or never weres whining,

    Lindland-You need to go away b4 you don’t have any sense left, (You still having nightmares about Vitor?)

    Kyrejto-“You can’t just walk off the street and into our world without training your ass off” Did you really say that? You are 5-6, and the clowns you beat are a combined 3-29, yes thats 3 wins and 29 losses, I have a 13yr old neighbor who plays tackle for his 7th grade football team that I would put money on in a fight with you.
    You are mad that you’re a MMA failure.

    Cooper-you are 2-1 with both wins against a winless fighter THE SAME GUY, seriously?? Then you lost to a 3-5 fighter, What do you know about anyone/anything in the world of MMA? Try training, then winning, then you can start hating for no reason.

    Lambert-you have always sucked, Nice to see you think your opinion means anything, And Houston’s .500 record (That means he’s lost as many as he’s won) well close, is better because?????

    Sarria-And you are????

    Mac-You say “Who cares” just like we do when the list of bums, I mean cans, I mean fighters you’ve beaten is brought up in discussion, you lose to every half decent opponent, Don’t be mad because now you just got bumped down to the 731st most popular fighter-Hey! How about winning a meaningful fight?

    There, Done pointing out the haters, Who by the way could just as easily predicted a loss by Alexander-Who’s the definition of average, Won fights against nobodies-Except Jardine, Then lost to the good fighters he faced, Anyone else would have been booted out of the UFC after 3 straight losses.

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