Octagon Buzz Live Coverage – Strikeforce 10: Melendez vs. Thomson

Strikeforce - Melendez vs. Thomson

Well folks, you’re in for a treat tonight as Octagon Buzz is offering live coverage of the Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Thomson event, which is being broadcast from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA.  Stay tuned to Octagon Buzz for real-time coverage of the entire card.  Press your REFRESH or F5 button to get up-to-date results from the card.  The first fight starts at approximately 9:30 PM (ET)/6:30 PM (PT)

  • Eric Jacob vs. Alexander Trivino
Round 1 – Trevino stuffs the very early takedown, but Jacob is persistent.  Jacob secures the single-leg.  Trevino secures the guillotine choke, but gives it up for an armbar instead.  Jacob attempts to stand out of it, but Trevino holds on – forcing the tapout.  Alexander Trivino defeats Eric Jacob (armbar), 0:37 of first round
  • Jorge Interiano vs. Travis Johnson

Round 1 –  Not much going on early until Interiano gets some leg kicks in.  Johnson replies with one of his own.  Both trade and miss punches during a slow exchange while Johnson just misses a head kick.  Interiano gets a jab in and then puts some body punches in.  Interiano now stalking Johnson and gets in an exchange that briefly rocks Johnson near the end of the round.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Interiano.

Round 2 – After trading jabs with Interiano, Johnson gets a solid shot in.  Johnson connects on a right but gets a body punch received in return.  Johnson trips but Interiano doesn’t pursue him.  Interiano stalks Johnson, but Johnson connects on a combination of punches.  Johnson is now cut with blood under his eye after he takes a couple punches.  Things slow down a bit before Interiano gets some punches in while Johsnon goes against the cage.  A big right by Interiano staggers Johnson just before the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Interiano.

Doctor at ringside stop the fight due to damage done to Johnson.  Jorge Interiano defeats Travis Johnson (doctor’s stoppage), end of 2nd round.

  • Jesse Jones vs. Cyrillo Padhillo

Round 1 – Padhillo misses badly.  Jones tries a double-leg takedown but is unsuccessful.  Both fighters clinch; Padhillo continues to work and manages to get Jones’ ankles from under him for the takedown.  Padhillo doesn’t capitalize and Jones escapes.  But Padhillo rocks Jones with a big hook.  Padhillo then goes for the takedown and gets in a final shot before the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Padhillo. 

Round 2 – Padhillo gets in a leg kick but Jones returns a quick right.  Padhillo then connects with a leg kick before both fighters clinch against the fence.  Padhillo gets the underhooks in and trips Jones.  Padhillo does some shoulder shrugs while Jones is still against the fence.  Padhillo mixes in some knees to Jones’ backside before the referee breaks them up.  Jones lunges with some punches but misses; howeever, he connects with a right hand.  Padhillo shows himself before the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round  10-9 Padhillo.

Round 3 – Jones stops an early takedown attempt and almost hits a flying knee.  Both fighters trade leg kicks and punches.  Jones rocks Padhillo with a overhand right and a followup shot, dropping Padhillo.  Jones continues the assault of punches, but Padhillo ties him up and pulls him down to the mat.  Jones nearly has a choke applied, but Padhillo takes top position and falls into Jones’ guard.  Jones holds onto Padhillo with little happening to force a standup.  Jones gets in a lunging right misses on the followup punches.  Padhillo drops and gets a double-leg; Padhillo clowns before the cameras and does no damage to Jones as the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Jones and the fight 29-28 Padhillo.  Cyrillo Padhillo defeats Jesse Jones by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28).

  • Alvin Cacdac vs. Bryan Caraway

Round 1 – Caraway shoots quickly then moves to side control.  Cacdac rolls then Caraway gets the back.  Caraway rolls to his back then holds Cacdac in a body triangle as he applies a rear-naked choke.  Cacdac tries to roll, but Caraway holds on.  Cacdac gives a single tap – not unlike C.B. Dollaway – and referee Herb Dean calls the fight. Bryan Caraway defeats Alvin Cacdac (rear-naked choke), 1:39 of first round.

  • Jose Palacios vs. Bobby Stack

Round 1 – Stack charges but misses.  Palacios replies with kicks; a brief stoppage occurs as a punch by Palacios causes Stack’s mouthpiece to fly.  Palacios throws some high kicks before being taken to the ground.  Palacios pulls guard; Stack gets in some punches from the top while Palacios tries an armbar unsuccessfully, then a kimura just before the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Stack.  Very close round…could have went either way.

Round 2 – Stack gets an early takedown while Palacios falls to guard.  Stack gets some light hits in but Palacios returns some of his own.  Palacios tries for some submissions and rolls out, but gets caught in an armbar.  Palacios escapes quickly and lands on top as the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Stack.

Round 3 – Stack proceeds ahead and after missing a takedown, lands a decent slam.  Stack moves quickly to a full mount and Palacios hold him close.  Stack postures then land some solid blows to Palacios.  Little action at this point, but Stack is in a dominant position.  Palacios reverses then is on top for a second before Stack rolls again to wind up in Palacios’ guard.  Stack gets in some minor punches just before the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Stack and the fight 30-27 Stack.  Bobby Stack defeats Jose Palacios by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Chris Cariaso vs. Anthony Figueroa

Round 1 – Figueroa misses with a high kick; Figueroa charges but Cariaso gets the takedown and winds up on top.  Cariaso lands some punches while Figueroa is up against the cage.  Cariaso gets side control then to mount.  Cariaso tries to apply a kimura but Figueroa  defends and escapes.  A quick scramble but Cariaso is again on top of Figueroa in side control.  Figueroa looks to stand but Cariano controls Figueroa’s head and keeps the fight on the ground.  Figueroa stands up and lands a solid knee; Cariaso clinches as the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Cariaso.

Round 2 – Cariaso moves forward and scores the quick takedown, landing in Figueroa’s half-guard.  Cariaso changes from mount to north-south position then back to guard.  Cariaso lands some blows then changes  to side control then a mount.  Cariaso is having a bit of difficulty with Figueroa on the ground as few punches are being thrown between the two of them.  Cariaso looks to isolate an arm but lets go to maintain position.  Cariaso throws punches from the top and when Figueroa rolls to escape, Cariaso takes the back.  Cariaso applies a rear-naked choke briefly but Figueroa escapes; the choke is re-applied, but this time, Figueroa is forced to tap.  Chris Cariaso defeats Anthony Figueroa (rear-naked choke), 0:26 of 2nd round.

  • Raymond Daniels vs. Jeremiah Metcalf

Round 1 – Metcalf clinches quickly; Daniels defends but is quickly taken down.  Daniels tries a guillotine but Metcalf pops his head out.  Metcalf is on top and lands some short punches.  Metcalf is working from Daniels’ half-guard but passes to mount.  Daniels tries to hold Metcalf close, but Metcalf postures and rains down some big punches.  The round ends – much to Daniels’ relief.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Metcalf.

Round 2 – Metcalf again clinches and gets the quick takedown.  Metcalf is in full mount and landing more punches.  Metcalf works for the triangle from the top, but Daniels rolls, but then Metcalf immediately sinks in the rear-naked choke on Daniels, forcing him to tap.  Jeremiah Metcalf defeats Raymond Daniels (rear-naked choke), 59 seconds into the 2nd round.

  • Elaina Maxwell vs. Miesha Tate

Round 1 – Quick exchange then a clinch.  Tate earns the takedown, and works from Maxwell’s guard. Maxwell works a high guard, and Tate slips out and moves to half-guard, then mount.  A few punches from the top from Tate, and Maxwell tries to escape.  Tate transitions into a textbook armbar.  Maxwell holds her grip to defend with almost a minute remaining in the three-minute round.  Maxwell defends by wrapping her legs around Tate’s neck.  An apparent tap by Maxwell, but the referee does not intervene.  The round comes to a close. Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Tate.

Round 2 – Tate immediately shoots in again.  Tate starts in guard, then transitions to mount once again. Maxwell tries to use her legs to escape, but Tate stays on top.  Maxwell again uses her legs to escape and a very strange position follows.  A scramble, and Maxwell secures Tate’s arm with her legs from the bottom. Wild end to the second round.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz gives the round to Tate – barely 10-9.

Round 3 – More of the same stuff by Tate; very little action for a one-minute span of the round.  Tate works for the takedown, but a break is finally called by the referee.  Maxwell lands on Tate’s back and is scrambling for a submission.  Maxwell locks in the arm but is not able to secure it for a submission as the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Maxwell and the fight 29-28 Tate.  Miesha Tate defeats Elaina Maxwell by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

  • Bobby Southworth vs. Anthony Ruiz (Light heavyweight title)

Round 1 – Southworth scores a left then gets a takedown.  Southworth moves quickly to side control. Ruiz rolls to escape and Southworth immediately takes the back, dropping both hooks in.  Southworth is on his back, controlling Ruiz.  Ruiz defends well, and rolls and reverses position.  Ruiz now works from Southworth’s guard, dropping a few big punches.  The fighters stand.  A clinch happens and Southworth scores with another takedown.  Ruiz again rolls and gets caught in an armbar.  But Ruiz escapes, yet gets caught in an omoplata.  Ruiz escapes again and the round comes to an end.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Southworth.

Round 2 – Slow start to the second round.  Ruiz moves in and clinches and eventually scores with a takedown.  Southworth pulls guard and tries to stand up, but is held down.  Southworth escapes, circles off the fence, and scores a takedown of his own.  Southworth again moves easily to side control.  Ruiz rolls and Southworth works to the back.  Ruiz reverses and lands on top.  Southworth looks a bit winded. Southworth locks in a triangle choke but Ruiz escapes quickly.  After a scramble, Southworth is again on top.  A grappling match in the second.  A closer round; Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Ruiz.

Round 3 – Ruiz shoots in and eventually gets the takedown.  Ruiz works from the top but Southworth stands.  The fighters clinch and the pace has slowed dramatically.  Southworth earns the takedown and rides Ruiz.  Southworth moves to mount and Ruiz rolls again, giving up his back.  Again a reversal and Ruiz is on top.  Not much action at all. Southworth stands while Ruiz is bleeding from the nose.  Southworth earns another takedown. Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Southworth.

Round 4 – Ruiz tries yet again for a clinch, but Southworth tags him with punches.  A second try is successful and the fighters tie up.  Southworth earns the takedown and tries to hold Ruiz down.  The fighters stand, and Ruiz lands a knee that is very close to Southworth’s inappropriate areas, and Southworth complains.  Another takedown by Southworth.  Ruiz stands, looks to land a heavy punch, but misses and clinches.  Both go to the ground and Southworth works for a kimura.  It misses and Ruiz is on top.  Another brief kimura attempt by Southworth but Ruiz escapes and stands. Quickly back to the mat as the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Southworth.

Round 5 – Ruiz swings wildly. Southworth shoots in and Ruiz falls to his back.  Southworth moves to side control. Ruiz rolls then stands, and Southworth maintains the clinch.  Another takedown by Southworth. Southworth isolates Ruiz’s arm, but then releases.  Southworth rides the position, and lands a few short punches.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Southworth and the fight 49-46 Southworth.  Bobby Southworth defeats Anthony Ruiz by unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 48-47).

  • Billy Evangelista vs. Nam Phan

Round 1 – Both fighters trade blows early before clinching against the cage.  Evangelista gets the takedown then Phan pulls guard.  Phan tries to stand but Evangelista does business on the mat.  Evangelista continues to throw punches from the top.  Phan attempts an armbar but Evangelista slides out and maintains control.  Evangelista rains down the ground and pound on Phan.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Evangelista.

Round 2 – Phan comes out with a vengeance, landing some heavy shots on Evangelista.  Phan then throws a knee then more punches.  Evangelista clinches.  Both fighters seperate and more shots are landed by Phan.  Evangelista loses his mouthpiece and referee Herb Dean stops the match momentarily.  After the restart, Evangelista shoots in.  Phan works to stand and Evangelista maintains the clinch; Evangelista then brings the game to the ground.  Evangelista’s head is bleeding heavily.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Phan.  

Round 3 – Phan again lands crisp punches before Evangelista shoots in.  Phan defends and the two trade on the feet again.  Evangelista shoots in again but Phan defends well.  Referee Dean calls for action from the fighters.  Evangelista finally earns the takedown, and works from Phan’s guard. A slow pace, and Dean stands the fight up with a minute left.  Phan again lands the better blows, and stuffs a takedown.  Another very close round.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Evangelista and the fight 29-28 Evangelista.  Billy Evangelista defeats Nam Phan by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29).

  • Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson (Lightweight title)

Round 1 – Melendez pushes forward with punches but Thomson defends.  Melendez shoots in but Thomson reverses the position and scores the takedown.  Thomson holds the position on the mat, then throws a few punches before moving to Melendez’s half-guard.  Referee Herb Dean asks the fighters to work, and Melendez does so by reversing the position.  Thomson stands and delivers a punch.   The fighters look for an opening on the feet, as the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores this very close round 10-9 Thomson.

Round 2 – Melendez stalks Thomson but Thomson lands a few solid kicks, then a knee.  Melendez shoots in but is unsuccessful.  A Superman punch by Thomson; Melendez is firing back.  A few jabs land for Thomson.  Thomson again lands a knee and Melendez shoots in, but Thomson sprawls.  Thomson moving forward on the feet.  A knee then a spinning back kick by Thomson.  Thomson is looking very sharp with his hands.  A takedown by Thomson as the round ends.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores this round 10-9 Thomson.

Round 3 – Melendez again pushes forward but Thomson answers with quick, accurate hands.  Melendez brawls back, then shoots in, but is stuffed.  The pace slows a little bit.  Thomson slips to the mat, but Melendez allows him to stand.  Now Melendez lands a few shots of his own but Thomson comes right back. Front kick by Thomson scores.  Melendez again lands punches, but Thomson answers with another front kick.  Thomson now shoots in, and wrestles Melendez to the ground.  A scramble back to the feet, and the round comes to a close.  Melendez needs to step it up if he wants to win this fight.  Yet another close round.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Thomson.

Round 4 – Thomson continues to work the front kick and stalks Melendez.  Again a brief break in action, and again a few kicks from Thomson.  Melendez starts to move forward, but can not get inside the kicks of Thomson.  Great footwork displayed by Thomson, as well as more front kicks.  Thomson lands a knee and more front kicks.  Thomson shoots in and earns the takedown while transitioning quickly to side control. Thomson scrambles to the back and tries for a choke, but Melendez escapes. Thomson stays on the back and sinks in a rear-naked choke, but the round ends.  Melendez will have to either knockout or submit Thomson in Round 5 if he wants to win the title.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Thomson.

Round 5 – Both fighters appear fresh for the final round. Thomson shoots in and the persistance pays off as he works the fight to the mat.  Melendez stands.  Melendez’s corner is yelling and visibly frustrated, but Thomson dances around Melendez.  Thomson again throws a front kick and the fighters clinch.  The pace is slowing and the combatants look worn from the pace.  Melendez pushes forward and Thomson evades. Thomson lands a nice knee then earns a takedown.  Both back on the feet and the fighters are wearing down as time is expiring.  The fight finishes with a small flurry.  Stephen Rhodes of Octagon Buzz scores this round 10-9 Thomson and the bout 50-45 Thomson.  Josh Thomson defeats Gilbert Melendez by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45).

  • Jesse Gillespie vs. Eric Lawson

Round 1 – Just seconds into the fight, the action is halted so Gillespie can have his glove checked. Lawson with the early takedown. After a scramble, Lawson quickly takes his opponent’s back, and Gillespie’s face explodes with blood. He quickly taps.  Eric Lawson defeats Jesse Gillespie by submisson (rear-naked choke), 1:03 into first round.







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