Octagon Buzz Live Coverage Of UFC 90

Welcome everyone to Octagon Buzz‘s live coverage of UFC 90, live from Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL!!  Coverage of the first preliminary bout is scheduled for 7:45 PM (ET).  Remember to refresh your page to get the most up-to-date coverage.  Enjoy the fight!!!

Pete Sell vs. Josh Burkman

Round 1 – This battle of welterweights is overseen by referee Mike Reid. Sell takes the center of the cage and throws a right hand off of a Burkman low kick. He then goes for a shot, but Burkman stuffs it and the fighters then clinch. They separate and Burkman connects with a hard right hook that stuns Drago. Sell is taken down and Burkman passes to half and lands some elbows. Still in half-guard, Burkman isolates Sell’s right arm with his left leg. Unable to do anything with it, Sell gets his arm free. With about 1:42 remaining in the round the Matt Serra student gets full guard. Shortly there after, the two TUF veterans are stood up. They clinch against the cage where Burkman lands a footstomp. Sell attempts a takedown and Burkman wizzers out of it just before the round ends.  Octagon Buzz gives the round to Burkman, 10-9.

Round 2 – The two men circle to start the round, both pawing with jabs and straights – neither landing with great success. After landing a right, Sell shoots for a double but Burkman stuffs it. Burkman then lands a straight jab that backs up Sell. Burkman lands a mid kick to the body at the mid-point of the round. The two men clinch and then separate. Sell lands a left to the mid section of Burkman. Sell is finding his range effectively landing a couple shots. A left to the body with an over hand right finds its home. Sell is rallying while Burkman swings wildy. The end of the second round concludes with a failed Drago shot reversed to a Burkman takedown.  Octagon Buzz gives the 2nd round to Sell, 10-9.

Round 3 – Burkman scores early with a knee. After a few clinches, Sell shoots in, but is again unsuccessful. Sell then scores a low kick, then to the body. Burkman scores with a jab, but Sell answers. Burkman shoots in and Sell defends. Sell scores with a few punches, and finally scores with a takedown. Sell sinks in a guillotine, but Burkman outlasts it as time expires.  Octagon Buzz gives the round to Sell, 10-9 and the bout to Sell 29-28.  Pete Sell defeats Josh Burkman, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Hermes Franca vs. Marcus Aurelio

A brief delay – a minor scuffle between both sides as Franca pushes Aurelio; order is quickly restored.

Round 1 – Action begins with a flying knee by Franca which missed.  Aurelio eats a right low kick by Franca.  The former American Top Team fighter starts to counter Aurelio with kicks to the legs and thighs. Franca looks to work the jab while Aurelio misses with a variety of punches. “Maximus” finally lands a flush jab, but Franca circles around.  Another nice low kick lands to the left leg of the Pride veteran.  Aurelio answers with a right hand.  A front kick lands by Franca.  Franca closes the first round with good kicks and obviously frustrates Aurelio.  Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Franca.

Round 2 – Franca uses the low kicks once again, throwing in a few high kicks as well.  Aurelio tries to shoot, but Franca stuffs the attempt.  Aurelio goes back to the jab, but Franca scores plenty with the leg kicks.  Action slows down quite a bit and the audience lets the fighters know it.  Octagon Buzz gives this round to Franca 10-9.

Round 3 – Franca opens the final round with leg kicks that score.  Aurelio switches up and tries a takedown.  Aurelio lands on top while doing some ground and pound.  Franca scrambles and gets up.  Aurelio lands a knee, which the referee deems illegal; a point is taken away from Aurelio.  After the restart, Aurelio tries another takedown, but Franca defends it well.  Franca continues to defend, then lands a few punches as the 3rd round ends.  Octagon Buzz gives Round 3 to Franca 10-8 and the bout to Franca as well 30-26.  Interesting scores by the judges.  Hermes Franca defeats Marcus Aurelio, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Dan Miller vs. Matt Horwich

Round 1 – Mike Reid is the referee in this matchup.  Miller starts strong witha Superman punch and a takedown.  Horwich keeps calm and goes into half-guard.  Miller is looking to secure his position but winds up in fill-guard after s Horwich leg lock attempt.  Horwich then tries the gogoplata and omaplata, but to no effect.  In a scramble, Horwich gets on top s Miller tries to shoot.  Horwich sprawls, but winds up on his back.  After it gets slow, both men stand up.  Miller scores with a left jab and straight right.  It then gos to the floor as Horwich looks for another omaplata.  Octagon Buzz gives this round to Miller 10-9.

Round 2 – The round starts with a takedown by Miller.  Horwich then stands as both fighters clinch.  Horwich reverts to his jiu-jitsu as he goes into guard as he grabs Miller’s arm.  While on the floor, Horwich uses rubber guard to try a omaplataand uses the attack to get on top and looks to pass the legs of Miller.  A scramble occurs and Horwich takes Miller’s back.  Horwich then locks up a body triangle and puts together a rear-naked choke.  But Miller defends well and is mounted.  Horwich lands some blows just before the round ends.  Octagon Buzz gives Round 2 to Horwich 10-9.

Round 3 – The final round sees Miller again take Horwich down.  Horwich goes to rubber guard; Miller passes briefly, but Horwich secures guard.  Miller lands some punches from the top position.  Miller continus to land punches while riding Horwich as the final round ends.  Octagon Buzz gives the final stanza to Miller 10-9 and the bout to Miller 29-28.  Dan Miller defeats Matt Horwich, unanimous decision (29-28 by all 3 judges)

Spencer Fisher vs. Shannon Gugerty

Round 1 – Fisher moves forward then clinches.  Gugerty scores a takedown, but Fisher stands and both work again from the clinch.  Fisher manages to get some elbows in; he continues to land some punches as Gugerty unsuccessfully tries for takedowns just before the end of the round.  Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Fisher.

Round 2 – Gugerty begins the round with a body kick.  Both fighters clinch, but little action of consequence.  Fisher stalks Gugerty; Gugerty gets a guillotine from a Fisher takedown, but Fisher escapes.  Both stand, and Gugerty looks to score with some kicks.  Fisher gets another takedown and works from the top position as the round ends.  Octagon Buzz scores this round 10-9 Fisher.

Round 3 – Gugerty opens the final round trying for more kicks.  Gugerty wrestles Fisher to the mat, but Fisaher secures guard as a result.  Fisher then locks in a triangle choke; Gugerty hangs in there for a short time, but Fisher tightens it up and forces Gugerty to tap.  Spencer Fisher defeats Shannon Gugerty (triangle-choke), 3:56 of Round 3

*Note – The timeline for the 10 PM (ET) main card start time is getting close as both Leites and McFedries rush to the ring.

Thales Leites vs. Drew McFedries

Round 1 – Leites gets the takedown very quickly.  McFedries rolls, then Leites takes his back.  Leites sinks in the rear-naked choke quickly, making McFedries tap out.  Thales Leites defeats Drew McFedries (rear-naked choke), 1:18 of round 1 

Tyson Griffin vs. Sean Sherk

Round 1 – Sherk immeditely shoots in amid punches by Griffin.  Sherk then moves to Griffin’s back; he then sinks the hooks in.  Griffin walks to the corner then shakes Sherk off.  Both fighters are standing snd trading punches.  Sherk shoots in yet again and brings Griffin down.  There’s some apparent bleeding on Sherk’s nose.  Sherk keeps up the pressure, looking for the single-leg takedown.  Sherk uses a knee but Griffin replies with his hands.  Griffin shoots for the first time but Sherk defends well.  Sherk then moves to Griffin’s back and sinks in the hooks yet releases the hold.  both fighters stand again, landing hooks and uppercuts as the opening round ends.  Octagon Buzz gives Round 1 to Sean Sherk 10-9.

Round 2 – Griffin has a small cut over his left eye. A  body kick by Griffin, and Sherk shoots in.  Griffin is against the cage, and Sherk eventually scores the takedown.  Both quickly are back up.  Griffin looks for punches to the body, but Sherk is landing stiff left hooks.  Both fighters score punches from the feet, but Sherk lands the greater number. Sherk lands a five-punch combo inside, though Griffin defends much of it. Griffin scores with a leg kick, but Sherk answers with a double jab.  Griffin beginning to get a little more active with his punches. Sherk answering back as Griffin slows down. Sherk stalks, then looks for a single leg.  Sherk backs away and scores again with his hands.  Sherk pushes forward while Griffin misses another kick as time expires.  OCtagon Buzz scores this round 10-9 Sherk.

Round 3 – Griffin turns up the heat, swinging wildly. Sherk lands a counter, then a few knees from a Thai clinch. Sherk then lands a combo.  Griffin’s initial charge has slowed down.  Sherk lands a knee.  Both trade leg kicks.  Griffin looks to score with his hands, but Sherk is able to answer back.  Griffin scores with his punches and Sherk’s face is beginning to show the wear from the punches.  Griffin shoots briefly, and Sherk brings a knee that just misses. With time running down, both fighters continue to trade on the feet. A leg kick by Griffin, but the horn sounds.  Octagon Buzz gives Griffin Round 3 10-9 and the bout to Sherk 29-28.  Sean Sherk defeats Tyson Griffin, unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Junior dos Santos vs. Fabricio Werdum

Round 1 – An inital leg kick by Werdum to begin the round.  But dos Santos replies with a right hand, then scores with a leg kick.  Werdum tries to clinch but dos Santos eludes it.  A big uppercut from dos Santos scores and Werdum collapses from the punch.  Rapid-fire punches follow-up by dos Santos as the referee ends the bout.  Junior dos Santos defeats Fabricio Werdum (TKO – punches), 1:20 of Round 1

Rich Clementi vs. Gray Maynard 

Round 1 – Maynard circles around Clementi.  Maynard comes in with a right hand, but Clementi counters.  Maynard then scores with a right hand; Clementi’s high kick is blocked, but scores on a leg kick.  Maynard tries to shoot but Clementi shrugs him off.  Maynard scores with a right but Clementi avoids serious damage.  Maynard scores with another right.  Clementi throws a soft kick at Maynard, but Maynard picks up Clementi and slams him to the mat.  Maynard’s now in top position from Clementi’s half-guard.  Maynard scores with shots to Clementi’s ribs.  Clementi then sits up then pulls guard.  Exchanges from the mat continue until the horn sounds.  Octagon Buzz scores Round 1 10-9 Maynard.

Round 2 – Maynard shoots in to begin Round 2.  Clementi initially avoids the shoot but Maynard works for another slam.  Maynard works from the top and locks in a guillotine; Clementi rolls and stands and Maynard releases his hold.  Maynard gets Clementi down to the mat, but Clementi gets an arm.  Clementi tries to roll for a submission, but Maynard manages to get his arm out.  Maynard tries to work from the top, but to no real damage.  Itthen becomes a grappling exhibition as the horn sounds.  Octagon Buzz gives this round to Maynard – barely, 10-9.

Round 3 – Clementi looks to score from the hands, but a brief opening leads to Maynard slamming Clementi.  Maynard grabs Clementi’s neck then switches to the side.  Clementi scrambles but Maynard remains on top. Clementi manages to secure full guard.  Clementi lands a few elbows from the bottom. Maynard stands then drops immediately back down in half-guard. Maynard moves to side control, then to mount.  Clementi scrambles free briefly, but Maynard continues to control the positioning from the top. Clementi stands, but Maynard drops him quickly back to the floor. Clementi sweeps, moves nearly to Maynard’s back, but Maynard scores yet again with a takedown.  Clementi rides out the remainder of the round.  Octagon Buzz gives yet another round to Maynard 10-9 and the bout as well 30-27.  Gray Maynard defeats Rich Clementi, unanimous decision (30-27 by all 3 judges)

Thiago Alves vs. Josh Koscheck

Round 1 – Alves opens the round with a low kick; Koscheck slips but is unscathed.  Alves scores with a left, which rocks Koscheck.  Koscheck recovers rather quickly as Alves looks to finish.  A jab by Koscheck, then a combo follows.  Alves throws a high kick then Koscheck answers back with shots to the body.  Koscheck then lands a right hand, Alves throws a Superman punch.  Koscheck scores again to the body, throwing combos.  Alves replies with a leg kick.  Koscheck answers back with a right hand then scores to Alves’ body.  Koscheck then shoots in.  Alves defends against the cage; Alves then pushes away.  Alves scores on leg kicks.  Good opening round.  Octagon Buzz gives this tough round to Koscheck 10-9.

Round 2 – Alves starts with a low kick; Koscheck throws a combo but alves answers back with a left hand.  Koscheck stand pat, scoring with a combo then a knee.  Koscheck scores with a knee then clinches.  alves circles then pushes away.  Alves lands another low kick; Alves jabs but Koscheck answers back.  Koscheck then kicks to the body, but Alves is stalking and scores with another leg kick.  Koscheck scores again to the body; Koscheck goes for the single-leg, but alves defends well.  Koscheck gets a body lock and holds Alves against the fence as the round ends.  Octagon Buzz scores this round 10-9 Koscheck.

Round 3 – A leg kick drop Koscheck and Alves continues to throw.  Koscheck is wobbled, but he hangs tough.  Alves continues to punish the legs; Koscheck shoots again, but is unsuccessful.  Koscheck complains he received an eye poke, but the stoppage is very short.  Koscheck lands a right hand, but Alves again is working the legs.  Koscheck tries to catch a kick, but Alves pulls away.  Koscheck is moving forward.  Alves throws a kick high, then a low one.  Alves now catches a poke to the eye.  Restarted again quickly. A leg kick wobbles Koscheck again. Alves eye seems to be closing, and Koscheck hits a jab.  Alves continues to damage the legs.  Koscheck pushes forward.  Alves scores a Superman punch, then a takedown after the horn.  Octagon Buzz scores Round 3 10-9 Alves and the bout 29-28 Koscheck.  The judges see otherwise.  Thiago Alves defeats Josh Koscheck, unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote

Round 1 – A touch of the gloves and Cote opens with a low kick.  Cote works the leg again as Silva circles.  Cote misses with a right hand as Silva continues to actually run around the cage.  Silva throws a low kick.  Cote misses a high kick.  Silva scores with two low kicks, but misses a clinch.  Cote throws a low kick again; Silva now dancing on the outside. Cote scores with a kick to the body then charges in.  Silva scores with a kick, then a knee. Cote is cut; Silva’s hands at his side as he dances around Cote.  Silva throws a low kick, scoring at the end.  Octagon Buzz gives Silva the round 10-9.

Round 2 – Silva opens with a low kick, then a switch kick; Cote respons with a spinning back fist.  Both now in the clinch; Silva scores with a kick.  Cote escapes off the fence then lunges towards Silva.  Silva evades Cote and ends up on top.  Cote pulls guard then lands some elbows.  Silva offers to help Cote up, which Cote refuses.  Silva does some kung-fu hand work, then Cote misses with a right.  Silva corners Cote, but Cote looks to take it to the mat.  Silva defends then here comes an elbow and knees from the clinch as time expires in the round.  Octagon Buzz gives this round to Silva, as well 10-9.

Round 3 – Cote seems thrilled to have made it this far.  Silva throws a jab that misses the mark, and Cote then collapses to the mat.  Cote tries to get back up, but the knee will not allow it; the referee subsequently stops the fight.  Anderson Silva defeats Patrick Cote (TKO -injury to Cote), 0:39 of Round 3 



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