Octagon Buzz – Live Coverage Of UFC 88

For those of you who are unable to watch the UFC 88 pay-per-view, do not worry – Octagon Buzz will cover the entire card for you live and in real-time.  Just remember to hit the REFRESH icon on your browser to get the most up-to-date results.  So sit back and enjoy the card!!!

Ryo Chonan vs. Roan Carneiro

Round 1 – Carneiro goes for the takedown early, but Chonan sprawls and Carneiro instead pulls guard. After a brief exchange on the ground, Carneiro is able to lock on the oma plata, but Chonan escapes and Roan is in his half guard. Carneiro works the ground and pound attack, before Chonan eventually gets back up. The fighters trade punches until the end of the round.  Octagon Buzz gives the first round to Chonan, 10-9.

Round 2 – Chonan connects and Carneiro loses a step, and goes to the ground and Chonan falls into his guard. Chonan works for the ground and pound, pushing Carneiro against the cage while working for small punches. Chonan is able to maintain position, but never lands anything solid while Carneiro keeps his defense strong, but doesn’t do much offensive as the round ends.  Octagon Buzz scores the round 10-9 Carneiro.

Round 3 – Both fighters exchange early in the round, but Carneiro quickly shoots in for a takedown. Chonan is able to guard and the two fighters begin to clinch against the cage, working for position. After the fighters separate, Chonan throws a kick, only to be caught and taken down by Carneiro. Carneiro works for punches inside of Chonan’s half guard as the fighters battle on the ground. Chonan is eventually able to push off and get back up, before taking Carneiro ground with not much more action before the round ends.  Octagon Buzz scores the final round 10-9 Carneiro and the bout 29-28.  The judges score the bout 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29; Ryo Chonan defeats Roan Carneiro by split decision.

Jason Lambert vs. Jason McDonald

Round 1 – The two men touch gloves and McDonald fires a flurry of punches immediately. A couple of them land and “The Athlete” secures a double-leg takedown.  Against the fence, McDonald passes to half-guard.  Lambert looks for a guillotine from half-guard that fails.  Lambert manages to get full-guard. McDonald is staying busy inside the guard, however nothing is landing hard.  McDonald postures and throws down an elbow that is deflected.  McDonald lands a few punches and an elbow to the face of Lambert.  McDonald is frustrating Lambert with his ground and pound attack.  With the closing seconds of round one, Lambert catches the Canadian in a guillotine.  It is a deep one, but time runs out. October Buzz scores the initial round 10-9 MacDonald.

Round 2 – The two men begin the second round with a flurry of strikes.  Lambert landed the cleaner punches but he gets taken down.  From there, McDonald passes to mount and take his opponent’s back. MacDonald triangles Lambert’s body and secures a rear-naked choke, prompting Lambert to submit at 1:20 of the second round.  Jason McDonald defeats Jason Lambert (rear-naked choke), 1:20 of Round 2.

Tim Boetsch vs. Mike Patt

Round 1 – Boetsch and Patt exchange strikes early with neither fighter gaining the advantage.  Patt seems to play a defensive game while Boetsch attacks.  Eventually, Boetsch scores a huge right hand landing on Patt’s jaw putting him down on the mat.  Boetsch followed up with some heavy strikes before referee Herb Dean stops the fight.  Tim Boetsch defeats Mike Patt (TKO – strikes), 2:03 of Round 1.

Thiago Tavares vs. Kurt Pellegrino

Round 1 – Pellegrino catches Tavares in the opening seconds of the bout with a huge punch that puts the Brazilian down. Somehow Tavares survives and gets back up only to be met by another big punch. Pellegrino follows him to the ground while getting the mount, but he is unable to finish and Tavares gets back to half guard.  Tavares gets back to his feet at one point, but Pellegrino gets him down again before the round ends.  Octagon Buzz scores Round One 10-8 Pellegrino.

Round 2 – Tavares opens with a high kick, but misses.  As the fighters trade punches, Tavares accidentally pokes Pellegrino in the eye and the fight is paused momentarily.  Back in action, Tavares keeps pursuing Pellegrino, but Pellegrino lands the better strikes while Tavares looks for the takedown.  Tavares scores a nice trip takedown as he works for punches and elbow strikes.  Pellegrino shifts his hips from the bottom and locks on an armbar, but Tavares gets out.  Tavares continues his ground attack, with forearms, elbows and hammer fists. Octagon Buzz gives this very close round to Tavares, 10-9.

Round 3 – Tavares shoots early looking for the takedown, but Pellegrino holds on to his neck almost getting a guillotine before forcing his Tavares down.  The fighters get back up as Tavares lands a nice throw on Pellegrino, but he reverses and almost takes his opponent’s back.  The fighters transition another time on the ground before getting back up again.  Another close round.  Octagon Buzz scores the final round 10-9 Pellegrino and the bout 29-27 Pellegrino.  Kurt Pellegrino defeats Thiago Tavares, unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-28)

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Matt Brown

Round 1 – Brown begins off the fight with a right straight that misses.  Kim lands a left hand and trips Brown to the canvas.  Brown stands but he has Kim on his back with one hook.  The Korean fighter works for a rear-naked choke while standing, but Brown defends well as he shakes his opponent off.  Kim again hops on Brown’s back while in a standing position.  Brown escapes danger and works briefly from the top-position in guard before standing.  An excellent straight right to the body scores for Brown.  Kim attempts an inside-leg trip against the fencing that falls a little short.  Brown switches positions and pushes his opponent to the cage.  Brown trips Kim to the canvas and with half of his opponent’s back, looks for a rear-naked choke of his own.  Kim clears and again transitions to Brown’s back just before the end of the round.  Octagon Buzz scores the first round 10-9 Brown.

Round 2 – Brown goes to the front leg of his opponent with a low kick.  Brown is headhunting, looking for one punch to end the fight.  Brown lands a solid right kick to the body.  A scramble from the clinch ends with a brief moment of ground action, but Brown returns to his feet.  Brown scores the takedown and begins to work from Kim’s closed-guard.  Brown stands up again and applies pressure with knees, kicks and punches.  Brown throws an effective counter combination — a right, left, right — three-piece that connects.  Brown gets a takedown and finishes strong with punches from the top position as Round 2 ends.  Octagon Buzz scores the second round 10-9 Brown. 

Round 3 – Kim looking more and more weary as this fight wears on.  Action is stopped briefly as Brown forgot his mouthpiece.  After a minute of careful exchanges, Kim takes Brown down, but both get back up quickly and Brown lands a solid knee to Kim’s chin.  He then starts working the body with knees again.  Kim lands a strong left hook with little over two minutes left in the fight, they clinch, and Kim gets the takedown.  Kim starts a slow ground and pound attack, but Brown defends well and fires elbows up from his back.  Kim lands a strong couple of elbows opening up a cut just below Brown’s left eye, scoring the most serious damage of the fight.  Octagon Buzz scores this close round 10-9 Kim and the fight 29-28 Brown.  Dong Hyun Kim defeats Matt Brown by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Martin Kampmann vs. Nathan Marquardt

Round 1 – Marquardt pumps his jab and Kampmann comes out slugging.  Marquardt lands a hard body shot and eats a crushing right hand for his trouble.  Marquardt recovers and scores with a right-legged head kick.  Marquardt then goes off with knees to the body and uppercuts to the chin.  He backs off and unloads leather to the head and body until Kampmann crumbles to the canvas to avoid punishment. Referee Mario Yamasaki saves Kampmann at 1:22 of the first round.  Nate Marquardt defeats Martin Kampmann (TKO), 1:22 of Round 1.

Dan Henderson vs. Rousimar Palhares

Round 1 – The fighters slowly size each other up in the center of the octagon.  Palhares shoots and is blasted with a right hand.  Palhares attempts a foot lock but Henderson jumps out of it.  Palhares shoots twice and Henderson sprawls strong and punches the head.  Palhares lands a body kick and misses with a wheel kick.  Henderson continues to stop the takedown.  Henderson jabs and is looking to set up his right hand.  Palhares lands a left-right combo but he pays for it as Henderson gets wild with punches and crumbles Palhares to the canvas.  Henderson lands a hammerfist.  Henderson jabs the head and is taken down with a single-leg.  Palhares takes side-control but Henderson gets to half-guard, and as time expires, Palhares spins for a kneebar.  Octagon Buzz scores this round 10-9 Henderson.

Round 2 – Palhares fails badly on two shots before picking Henderson up and slamming him hard to the canvas.  Palhares works from Henderson’s closed-guard with some punches.  Henderson goes high with his hips and Palhares immediately goes to a kneebar-heelhook combo.  The hold is deep but Henderson escapes. Palhares pulls guard and is hit with a right hand.  The action slows, which prompts referee Herb Dean to stand the fighters to their feet.  Both middleweights miss head kicks before the horn sounds.  Octagon Buzz gives this very close round to Henderson, 10-9.

Round 3 – The final frame starts very slow.  Palhares fails on a shoot but he manages to land a knee to Henderson’s chin on exit.  Palhares looks sloppy with his punches as he grows frustrated from not being able to score a takedown.  Henderson cracks the BJJ black belt with a right cross.  Palhares looks to tie up Henderson, but Henderson backs away and fires a right hook that glances.  The crowd starts to shower the cage with boos as the action slows.  Palhares nearly scores a takedown, but Henderson shows excellent use of hips to keep the top position.  Henderson punches the head with his right hand and stands.  Palhares pulls guard and almost secures a heel hook but Henderson escapes.  Punches rain down from Henderson close to the end of the round.  Pretty decisive round as Octagon Buzz scores the final round 10-9 Henderson and the bout 30-27 Henderson.  Dan Henderson defeats Rosuimar Palhares, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill

Round 1 – Hamill initially keeps his guard high, so Franklin immediately starts attacking with leg kicks. As Franklin scores with an inside leg kick, Hamill lands a solid uppercut.  Franklin starts utilizing his hands to distract and scores with stronger kicks to the legs.  Somewhere along the way, Franklin suffers a cut on his right eyebrow.  Hamill finally scores a takedown and immediately tries to unleash ground and pound, but Franklin locks on an armbar.  Hamill escapes, but Franklin backs out and they return to their feet. Hamill is now cut on his right eyebrow as well.  Octagon Buzz scores this round 10-9 Franklin.

Round 2 – Franklin goes right back to the leg kick.  Hamill shoots in, but Franklin unleashes a flurry of punch and kick combinations. After the break, the referee stops to have Franklin’s cut check, which looks like there is a loose flap of skin hanging from the corner of his eye now.  The fight continues and Franklin continues to punish Hamill with a solid combination of punches and kicks.  Franklin scores a kick to the face of Hamill before he receives an inadvertent kick to the groin.  They start back up, Franklin continuing to the push the pace with his striking.  Franklin does a pretty good job defending Hamill’s takedown attempts, and is causing Hamill to limp from the repeated leg kicks and continues his barrage as the round comes to an end.  Very impressive effort by Franklin.  Octagon Buzz also scored this round 10-9 Franklin.

Round 3 – Franklin crushes Hamill with a liver kick; Hamill folds to the canvas and covers while tapping out.  Very quick round as the referee stops the bout.  Rich Franklin defeats Matt Hamill (TKO-Kick To Liver), 0:39 of Round 3 

Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans

Round 1 – They start slow initially, Liddell scoring first with the right hand.  Evans scores with an overhand right about one and a half minutes in, but Liddell fires back, knocking Evans back a step.  Evans starts switching stances late in the round, but neither fighter throwing very much.  Evans lands a couple of leg kicks, but eats a counter-right on the second.  Liddell scores a mild flurry just before the round closes.  Octagon Buzz scores Round One 10-9 Liddell.

Round 2 – The light heavyweights trade punches to start the second frame. Evans starts to land at a frequent pace with a left hook.  Liddell answers with a straight right.  Evans reaches back with a right hand and delivers a crushing overhand right. As a result, Liddell crashes to the canvas and is out cold and motionless.  He lies face down on the canvas before Herb Dean rolls him over.  Rashad Evans defeats Chuck Liddell (KO), 1:51 of Round 2

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