Octagon Buzz Live Coverage Of UFC 87

Welcome to Octagon Buzz‘s live, real-time coverage of UFC 87, which is emanating from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN; the first fight starts at 8:00 PM (ET)/5:00 PM (PT).  And don’t forget to post your comments on the card; just click the POST A COMMENT link.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the live coverage of UFC 87 here at Octagon Buzz!!

Ben Saunders vs. Ryan Thomas

Round 1 – Sanders gets it going early with knees with both fighters exchanging kicks.  Thomas has double underhooks against the fence but isn’t able to take Ben down. Saunders landing more leg kicks to Thomas’ side. Straight right drops Thomas and yet Saunders falls into an inverted triangle.  Saunders escapes and throws some knees from side guard.  Saunders takes his opponent’s back and locks in a body triangle. Thomas does a good job at defending the rear naked choke as the round ends.  Octagon Buzz gives this round to Saunders, 10-9.

Round 2 – Saunders starts with a left low kick then Thomas tries a takedown.  Saunders reverses and gets a takedown; both men stand up.  Saunders lands a right high kick and Thomas falls and shoots in.  Back on his feet, Saunders lands a jumping knee.  Thomas throws and lands a one-two.  Saunders slugs Thomas to the body and the fight hits the floor.  From there, Saunders takes his back and works a kimura that he changes to an armbar. As expected, Thomas taps out; Ben Saunders defeats Ryan Thomas (armbar) at 2:28 of Round 2.

Steve Bruno vs. Chris Wilson

Round 1 – Both fighters circle early, showing respect to each other. Wilson closes the distance with strikes and Bruno clinches against the fence.  Bruno lands a nice straight right hand and Wilson continues to push forward.  Bruno attempts a single leg while Wilson lands a few elbows. Both fighters get back up and Wilson is successful with a hip throw.  Both fighters stand up again.  Wilson lands a knee that sends Bruno retreating to the mat.  The Team Quest fighter takes his back but is only able to secure one hook.  Both hooks are in the fighters have their backs to the fence while Bruno defends against the rear naked choke as the rounds ends.  Octagon Buzz gives the round to Wilson, 10-9.

Round 2 – The fighters circle each other.  Bruno clinches and puts Wilson in to the fence.  Wilson circles and puts Bruno in to the cage. They separate; Bruno shoots and secures a single leg.  Wilson makes him pay with elbows.  They separate and stand.  Wilson shoots and lands in half-guard.  Both fighters are back to their feet.  Body kick by Wilson lands.  Bruno answers with a right low kick.  Wilson lands a knee that hurts Bruno to the body.  On the floor Wilson secures the back.  Bruno on his knees fights for hand control. Wilson works hard for the choke and gets a forearm in but it is across the face.  Octagon Buzz gives Round 2 to Wilson, 10-9.

Round 3 – Bruno is stalking Wilson but looks a little gassed.  Wilson lands an uppercut that drops Bruno again and attempts to secure a rear naked choke along the fence. Bruno manages to get back up only to be pulled back down to the mat.  Bruno finally secures a double leg takedown but doesn’t seem to have the strength to hold Wilson.  The fighters get back to the center of the octagon and Bruno is unwilling to exchange, going for a lazy single leg takedown attempt.  The fans boo loudly and the ref stands the fighters up shortly thereafter.  Another failed takedown attempt by Bruno puts Wilson in control.  Fight ends with Wilson landing elbows.  Octagon Buzz scores the final round 10-9 and the bout 30-27 Wilson.  The judges concur; Chris Wilson defeats Steve Bruno, unanimous decision (30-27).

Andre Gusmao vs. Jon Jones

Round 1 – Jones attempts a sloppy single leg that Gusmao easily escapes.  The fighters clinch against the fence, exchanging a few knees.  Gusmao lands a low kick and Jones responds with a looping right hook. Jones gets the takedown and lands in side guard against the fence.  Gusmao gets back up and responds to a Jones flurry with counter leg kicks.  Jones lands a low blow and the ref didn’t see it right away, allowing three unanswered blows to Gusmao’s head.  The fans boo in displeasure as the ref talks to Jon.  The fight resumes with a nice exchange and a couple of spinning backfist attempts by Jones as the round ends.  Octagon Buzz gives this round – a close round – to Jones, 10-9.

Round 2 – The fighters clinch in the middle and Jones lands another low blow.  After a brief rest, the fight restarts.  Jones chasing Gusmao, landing the cleaner shots.  Both fighters are landing straight punches and Gusmao pins Jones against the fence.  The ref resets the fighters and Jones attempts another spinning backfist that grazes Gusmao.  Another spinning backfist attempt has Gusmao respond with a big flurry of his own.  A close round, despite the “low blow”.  Octagon Buzz gives Round 2 to Jones, 10-9.

Round 3 – The fighters are starting off a little tentative, with Jones closing the gap. Both fighters scramble after a Jones takedown attempt and exchange a very nice flurry.  Gusmao’s left eye is swelling a little bit. Jones lands a spinning back kick and the two exchange knees.  Gusmao seems to be fatiguing as Jones lands a flying knee to his chest.  Gusmao attempts to take his opponent down but Jones reverses with a single leg of his own, landing in side mount.  Gusmao lands a nice up kick after Jones fails to attain full mount.  The fight ends as Gusmao fails to secure a submission from the bottom.  Octagon Buzz gives Round 3 to Jones 10-9 and scores the bout 30-27 Jones.  Jon Jones defeats Andre Gusmao, unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).

Cheick Kongo vs. Dan Evensen

Round 1 – Yves Lavigne is the referee for this bout.  Kongo lands a pair of leg kicks early as Evensen tries to close the gap. Both fighters clinch against the cage and Kong slams Dan with a double.  Kongo drags Evensen off of the fence by his leg and attempts an axe kick.  The referee stands both fighters back up and the two clinch against the fence again.  Kongo is warned for holding on to his opponent’s shorts.  Evensen attempts a standing guillotine but Kongo escapes.  The French kickboxer finally gets a takedown and lands some strikes from half guard.  The fight is stood back up and Kong lands a big straight right hand that drops Evensen.  A follow up flurry of punches forces Yves Lavigne to halt the fight. Cheick Kongo defeats Dan Evensen (TKO), 0:05 of Round 1.

Luke Cummo vs. Tamdan McCrory

Round 1 – McCrory aggressive very early, pinning Cummo up against the cage.  Tamdan lands a few uppercuts in the clinch. McCrory tries a pair of hip tosses but is unsuccessful. The “Barn Cat” gets a takedown and lands in side mount.  McCrory takes his back and attempts a rear naked choke. The fans applaud as Cummo defends the submission attempt well.  Cummo gets back in guard and McCrory responds with some strikes.  Tamdan stands up and throws a big punch.  He attempts an armbar but Cummo escapes and lands in his guard as the bell sounds.  Octagon Buzz gives the opening round to McCrory, 10-9.

Round 2 – McCrory gets a takedown early and nearly attains full mount.  Tamdan continues to throw strikes from the guard and transitions to Cummo’s back again.  Cummo defending the rear naked choke well once again.  McCrory attempts an armbar and Luke escapes, putting him in Tamdan’s guard. McCrory attempts a fake armbar attempt and makes a slick transition to Cummo’s back.  McCrory lands lots of big shots from the guard.  The round ends with Cummo attempting to use the rubber guard.  Octagon Buzz gives this round to McCrory, 10-9.

Round 3 – Cummo lands a nice body shot and a right hook stuns McCrory momentarily.  Cummo gets a takedown and lands in half guard.  But McCrory scrambles back up and attempts a double leg against the fence.  Tamdan bulldozes Cummo down with a spear similar to Brock Lesnar’s wrestling signature move and lands in side mount.  Tamdan moves in position for another armbar attempt and transitions into omaplata.  Cummo stands back up and McCrory lands a very stiff jab, followed by another takedown. Cummo attempts a triangle attempt but McCrory slams his way out near the end of the round.  Cummo’s best round of the bout, but Octagon Buzz gives Round 3 to McCrory and scores the bout 30-27 McCrory.  Tamdan McCrory defeats Luke Cummo, unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).

Jason McDonald vs. Demian Maia

Round 1 – McDonald throws a one-two combo and clinches with Maia.  McDonald trips the Brazilian to the canvas and starts to work from full-guard.  Maia switches to a half-butterfly and locks on a triangle.  The hold is deep but Maia is unable to control the locked in arm. McDonald escapes and transitions directly to Maia’s back with both hooks.  The Canadian locks on a rear-naked choke that is easily defended.  Maia escapes danger and goes back to guard.  McDonald stands over Maia and punches the head with his right hand. The shots open up a cut above the left eye of Maia.  McDonald jumps into half-guard and attempts a guillotine.  Maia clears the technique and hops on McDonald’s back, where he works for a rear-naked choke until the round ends.  Octagon Buzz gives this very close round to McDonald, 10-9.

Round 2 – They come out and exchange immediately and McDonald clinches. Maia Thai-clinches and lands knees before getting a trip takedown.  Maia moves to full mount where he works punches and elbows.  McDonald gets back to half guard after being mounted for nearly four minutes. McDonald tries to escape while Maia works for an arm bar. MacDonald is out and inside Maia’s guard. Octagon Buzz scores Round 2 10-9 Maia.

Round 3 – Maia quickly gets a single-leg but he loses position. With McDonald in Maia’s guard, the action slows up. Both fighters scramble and Maia ends up taking the mount. Left elbows from Maia are raining down. McDonald turns his back to avoid the punishment.  Maia locks in both hooks and secures a rear-naked choke. The technique is dead-perfect and McDonald taps out quickly.  Demian Maia defeats Jason McDonald (rear-naked choke), 2:44 of Round 3.

Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta

Round 1 – Florian lands a left low kick on Huerta’s lead leg. He goes back to the leg as Huerta loads up on a right hook.  Huerta has control of the center of the Octagon as Florian circles around.  Florian rushes in and scores a single-leg takedown against the fence.  Florian passes quickly to the mount.  Florian lands two right hands that prompts Huerta to give up his back.  Huerta escapes the dangerous position and gets to his feet.  A wild superman punch and head kick from Florian falls short.  Huerta charges forward and glances a right hand.  Huerta goes to the clinch against the fencing and hits Florian’s body.  Florian knees the midsection twice and gets his back off the cage.  Now back in the center of the octagon, Huerta lands a low kick and eats a right hook.  Florian lands a straight left before the horn sounds.  Octagon Buzz gives Round 1 to Florian, 10-9.

Round 2 – Florian finds his range from long distance with a jab and a left-hand lead.  Huerta shoots a single-leg but Florian has no parts of it.  Huerta goes to the right leg of Florian with a low kick.  Florian drops levels for a single that is defended by Huerta.  Huerta secures a standing kimura and elbows the head with his right arm.  Florian finishes the takedown and briefly ends up on Huerta’s back.  Both fighters stand and Huerta checks a low kick but gets swept off his feet by a trip sweep.  Huerta stands up and has a low kick cracked off his lead leg.  Huerta answers with a low kick and misses a “Superman” punch.  Huerta lunges forward with a right hook but misses.  A right hook and a body kick score for Florian as the horn sounds.  Octagon Buzz gives this round to Florian, 10-9.

Round 3 – Down by 2 points, Huerta will have to do something major to pull this one out of the hat.  Florian is showing excellent footwork as he picks up the pace to start the final frame. He lands a punch followed by a jumping knee.  Florian lands a kick and Huerta taunts him by spitting on the canvas.  Florian gets a single-leg takedown, but tastes a grazing knee on the way in.  Huerta gets to his feet and chases Kenny.  Florian continues to show improved footwork as he circles from Huerta’s lunging punches.  A left-footed front kick from Florian slaps Huerta on the kisser.  Huerta lands a left straight.  Florian lands a counter left.  Huerta again spits on the mat.  Huerta follows with his best strike of the fight, a right hook on the chin.  Huerta connects with a body kick and slips.  The fighters both land leather and Florian gets a takedown.  Florian stands and puts an exclamation point on his inevitable victory with a well executed punching combination.  Octagon Buzz scores the final round 10-9 Florian and the bout 30-27 Florian.  Kenny Florian defeats Roger Huerta, unanimous decision (30-27 by all 3 judges).

Manvel Gamburyan vs. Rob Emerson

Round 1 – Gamburyan comes out swinging wild and gets hit with an Emerson counter right. Manny collapses and is finished with a follow-up left hook.  Referee Yves Lavigne steps in and mercifully ends the fight.  Rob Emerson defeats Manvel Gamburyan (KO), 4:48 of Round 1.

Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring

Round 1 – Lesnar rocks Herring with a straight right.  Herring gets to his feet and pushes Lesnar against the fence.  Lesnar has Herring’s head in a headlock.  Herring, now sporting a cut above his left eye, escapes the headlock but is easily taken down by a single-leg.  Herring unwisely gives up his back and gets blasted by a Lesnar right hand.  Lesnar controls Herring from the back with a leg in and wrist control.  Herring rolls but Lesnar stuffs the attempt and takes the same position.  Lesnar then pounds Herring with a knee to his body.  Herring stays busy but cannot shake off Lesnar from off his back.  Brock punches Herring’s body with both hands, followed by some knees to Herring’s body as the horn sounds.  Octagon Buzz gives the round to Lesnar, 10-8.

Round 2 – Lesnar starts with kicks to Herring’sfront leg then muscles him to the mat.  Lesnar returns to the back position as he did in the first round.  Herring then flops over and ends up on the bottom on side control.  Lesnar is laying waste to Herring with total control.  Lesnar punches Herring’s head twice with his right hand and momentarily takes the mount.  Herring again gives up the back and Lesnar ties up wrist control with a leg from behind.  Knees from Lesnar are finding their mark.  Herring pushes Brock against the fence and lands a right.  Lesnar responds with a knee to Herring’s body that rocks him.  Herring then returns knees to Lesnar’s midsection but is taken back down as the round ends.  Octagon Buzz gives Round 2 to Lesnar, 10-9.

Round 3 – Lesnar snaps a leg kick to Herring’s body.  Lesnar pushes Herring to the fence and works on the midsection with knees.  An easy takedown from Lesnar follows.  Lesnar mounts and patiently strikes. Herring gives up his back – yet again.  More knees hit the body.  Herring, now with his left eye swollen shut, stands and is effortlessly ripped back to the canvas with a textbook single-leg.  Herring rolls for a kneebar that is defended to perfection.  Lesnar hits the head with both hands and takes the mount with 10 seconds remaining.  A sure win for Lesnar.  Octagon Buzz gives yet another round to Lesnar, 10-9 and the bout to Lesnar, as well, 30-26.  The trio of judges at ringside score the bout 30-26; Brock Lesnar defeats Heath Herring, unanimous decision.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch

Round 1 – Fitch gets a quick double-leg takedown at the bell. Fitch, from guard, ties up both arms and lets go to elbow St. Pierre’s head.  Fitch is active with his hips, searching for an armbar.  GSP goes to half-guard and Fitch stands as chants of “U-S-A” come from the crowd.  St. Pierre knocks Fitch down with a straight right on the heels of a low kick.  St. Pierre then pounces with punches from Fitch’s guard.  Fitch is hurt as he is taking lots of punishment from the hands of GSP.  A wobbly Fitch stands and is hit with a straight right.  He looks for a takedown but is stuffed.  St. Pierre enters his guard and passes to side-control after landing some sharp elbows. Octagon Buzz scores Round 1 10-8 St. Pierre.

Round 2 – St. Pierre shows a good jab to start the second round.  Fitch lands a left hook to the midsection.  GSP lands a switch kick to the lead leg of Fitch.  The champion shows good legwork as he moves away from Fitch’s punches.  The jab and lowkick continue to score for the champion.  St. Pierre doubles up on the jab but doesn’t follow-up.  St.Pierre then lands a hard right and misses a spinning-back kick.  Fitch lands a hard punch and starts to come on a bit.  St. Pierre is now bleeding at the top of his forehead.  The fighters trade jabs and Fitch stuffs a takedown attempt.  Fitch lands a right hand and absorbs a counter right hook just before the end of the round.  A much better round for Fitch.  Octagon Buzz gives the second round to St. Pierre, 10-9.

Round 3 – St. Pierre drops Fitch with a big right hand that lands perfectly.  St. Pierre jumps on him and gets his back.  Fitch then rolls and lands in St. Pierre’s guard.  Fitch works punches to the body and light shots to the side of St. Pierre’s head.  St. Pierre escapes and sweeps to regain the top position. Fitch is back to his feet with two minutes left.  Outside leg kick by St. Pierre.  Big right hand by St. Pierre. Fitch is stunned as he eats a high kick.  St. Pierre landing some big shots before slamming Fitch to the canvas.  Octagon Buzz scores the third round 10-8 St. Pierre.

Round 4 – From this point on, it is apparent that Fitch will have to submit/KO GSP to win this bout.  Fitch is battered but still there.  Fitch lands a punch that cuts St. Pierre over the left eye.  The pace has slowed with St. Pierre landing jabs.  Fitch fires back with a body kick.  Fitch goes for a takedown but St. Pierre stuffs it.  St. Pierre looks at the close with two minutes left.  Fitch goes for a single-leg but St. Pierre bounces on one leg across the octagon.  St. Pierre gets Fitch to the ground with a double-leg and has Fitch against the fence.  St. Pierre goes for a leg lock as the round ends.  Octagon Buzz gives the 4th round to – you guessed it – St. Pierre, 10-9.

Round 5 – St. Pierre connects with a left hook to start the fifth. A right hook soon follows.  St. Pierre jabs the battered challenger and grazes a spinning-back kick.  Fitch smiles and is taken down effortlessly with a single-leg.  GSP punches from guard and postures as Fitch tries to go high with his hips.  Fitch stands up with two minutes remaining. A slick double-leg by the champion is executed as the frustrated challenger puts up little resistance.  St. Pierre advances to side-control.  Fitch gives up his back and nearly gets to his feet, but is dragged back down. Much like the Lesnar-Herring, this bout was total domination by St. Pierre.  Octagon Buzz this round 10-9 St. Pierre and the bout 50-43 St. Pierre.  Georges St. Pierre defeats Jon Fitch, unanimous decision (50-43, 50-44, 50-44).

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