Aleksander Emelianenko Interview

Aleksander Emelianenko

It can’t be easy living under of the shadow of your older brother; well, that is the case for Aleksander Emelianenko, younger brother of Fedor Emelianenko.  Both happen to share the same profession – MMA fighter.  And sufice it to say, Emelianenko – Aleksander, that is – has led an interesting life thus far.  Evgeni Kogan of was granted an interview with Emelianenko; below are some excerpts: Tell me about your very first memory. Not something that you think is important, but your very first.
Emelianenko: I don’t even know. Speaking honestly, my childhood seems shrouded in fog and I really don’t remember any specific moments that really stood out.

I do have, you know, fragments. I remember something here. Then when I talk about some occurrence, again I’ll remember something else.

I can remember that I was forgotten in kindergarten. My parents had to pick me up, and I almost ended up staying the night with the night watchman because they forgot to. Finally my mother came at almost midnight. They forgot that I was in the kindergarten. I was around 4 or 5 years old.

My mother worked till late, so did my father. They were relying on each other to pick me up, and neither one managed it, and so they forgot about me. I waited with the night watchman, thought that I was spending the night there. She had already made a place for me to sleep, so that I would be ready for the next day. I was ready to go to sleep when they picked me up.

School. I remember school. The very first day. I left. I ran away from school. I have a buddy, a friend who had already been there for a while. We had been going to kindergarten together at one time. His parents asked — I mean they wrote him a note excusing him after lessons. And he came up to me and dishonestly convinced me that it was OK for me, too, to leave and go home. And it was my first day of school and, I don’t know, I ran away.

Then I came home to my mother and her belt. I remember we went to his house to play toy soldiers, other toys. We lived right next to each other. I came back home without a thought, thinking that there was going to be a celebration of my first day. And instead I got it really good with the belt. You can’t just leave school like that.

Later I remember I fought at school all the time. I even remember the first time I fought. For some reason I fought with older boys all the time — those taller, bigger than me. And what’s more, I always fought over silly, little things. First time was a week after I got to school, at the age of 6. And we fought not like kids like to — to push each other with their shoulders or other such things. We fought for real. It was the first time I got hit in the face. I had bruises. But managed to beat my opponent who was about two years older than me. And at that age, even a year, in youth, makes a really big difference. His name was Yura, I think. What do you remember about Yura? Why did you fight?

Emelianenko: He was in a parallel class to me. He’d been at school a long time, was much bigger than everyone else and, as follows, stronger and more arrogant than everyone else. And that’s why we got into a fight. I went to try to pit my arrogance, my strength against him. And I hit and hit him, eventually winning and gaining the respect of other students.

He hit me, I hit him. We clinched. I threw him, then hit and hit him once he was on the ground. He screamed until the teachers came and pulled me away. I was one of the biggest kids in my class, which has to be said. Biggest or second biggest in my class.

For the rest of this interview, click here.  Be warned – it is lengthy.


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