Robbie Lawler Vs Donald Cerrone Announced for UFC 213 in July

The UFC world is abuzz today, as it was announced earlier today that there will be a huge welterweight matchup at UFC 213 in July, when former champion Robbie Lawler and Donald Cerrone go at it.

Checking the early odds at w88asia, it looks like both men are about even when it comes to the odds in this encounter, one that you are not going to want to miss when the card goes down at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

This is a great bout that’s been awhile in the making, as Lawler (27-11 MMA, 12-5 UFC) and Cerrone (32-7 MMA, 19-4 UFC) were at first set to go at it last year at UFC 205 in New York, but it never happened.

Why? That decision was on Lawler, who decided to take more time after losing the championship to Tyron Woodley at UFC 201. It was at that card that Lawler lost after a first-round knockout to Woodley.

Lawler had been on a roll before that bout, as he was on a five-fight win streak, including two title defenses after winning the belt from Johny Hendricks in December, 2014 at UFC 181, held in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

The bout surly didn’t go the way Lawler felt it would, but he has felt he’s taken enough time off, and is now ready to get back in the ring to take on Cerrone.

“I just started training with the best fighters in the world trying to get better. I was a pretty good athlete so I did pretty well with the team and that gave me confidence that I would be able to compete with people,” Lawler said about getting ready for this latest matchup.

Cerrone also has something to prove, as despite being the 11th ranked fighter, he lost his last time out, falling to Jorge Masvidal in January at UFC on FOX 23 by TKO.

The fighter was also on a roll before that loss, as he had won four straight since moving up to welterweight after getting TKO’d by then-lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos in December 2015 at UFC on FOX 17.

Cerrone was impressive in a win over Matt Brown at UFC 206 in early December, as that night he scored a third-round knockout, and in August, he knocked out Rick Story with a head kick.

It should be an interesting bout between two fighters that are quickly looking to put their last fight behind them.

The other big bout for UFC 213 is a heavyweight contenders match between Fabricio Werdum and Alistair Overeem.

Conor McGregor to Make Major Announcement After UFC 205 Battle with Eddie Alvarez

Conor McGregor

Get ready UFC fans – Conor McGregor has something to say, and as we always know – it’s going to be interesting.

The biggest mouth in the UFC has confirmed that he will make a major announcement after his upcoming battle at UFC 205 with Eddie Alvarez.

While what the announcement is remains a mystery, you know that it’s going to be something big and more so interesting if it involves McGregor, and I for one can’t wait to hear it.

McGregor, who is 20-3 in MMA overall and 8-1 in the UFC said that he won’t tell anyone the news until he looks to take care of business against Alvarez, a competitor who is 28-4 in MMA and 3-1 in UFC.

The two are set to do battle in a lightweight championship bout November 12, at Madison Square Garden in New York City in what should be an interesting matchup with McGregor looking to avenge his last bout, a loss.

“Buy the pay-per-view and stay tuned,” McGregor told MMAjunkie. “Don’t blink. It’s going to be big.” You know with McGregor on the card it’s going to be a good show, so make sure you find some good UFC Tickets for sale if you can make it to New York City for the huge event.

McGregor doesn’t seem to be worried about Alvarez, as he told LadBible: ‘You know, I don’t think he poses any threat. He’s a tough kid. He’s got some good fights under his belt. But I don’t see it going well for him. You know he will be unconscious.’

The always chatty Irish fighter says that he feels that Alvarez is an average fighter who was easy to replicate in training partners, giving him an easy edge when he does battle in New York next month.

Back to that announcement, Dana White said: ““There are… how can I say this? There are other circumstances involved in this that will be played out after the fight.”

No matter how you cut it – it will be worth checking out come November 12th live on Pay-Per-View and better yet live in person at the worlds most famous arena.

Barao And Dillashaw Set For Battle At “UFC 173” Saturday

UFC 169: Barao v Faber

It’ll be a hot night in Las Vegas on Saturday evening (May 24th), as the Ultimate Fighting Championship returns to the MGM Grand Garden Arena with “UFC 173” going live on PPV at 10 P.M.

Bantamweight titleholder Renan Barao (32-1 1 NC, 7-0 UFC) faces off against T.J. Dillashaw (9-2, 5-2 UFC) in the UFC 173 main event, which promises to be a classic if the bout lives up to any of the hype that it’s getting.

Renan Barao will enter UFC 173 as a heavy favorite according to, having finished off his last three opponents with relative ease and with a quick finish. Despite the fact that Barao has been very good in recent fights, don’t count Dillashaw out, as his athleticism and his sudden improvement in the stand-up game could very well make this for a much better fight than one think.

Dillashaw’s stand-up game could keep Barao off base, and it will be up to Barao to try and counter that with his attack which includes spinning back kicks and flying knees. He will look to end Dillashaw’s dream of a win rather quickly by imposing his wrestling, takedowns, and his use of his confidence, which has to be sky high going into this event.

The co-main event will feature a battle of Olympic wrestlers, as Daniel Cormier will take on Dan Henderson in what promises to be a fantastic bout between the two grapplers. The light heavyweight matchup will showcase the 14-0 Cormier, who is 3-0 in UFC action against the 30-11 Henderson, who is 7-5 in UFC.

The matchup is a late addition to the card, but will add a lot more eyes to the event. Cormier is a former heavyweight champ in the Strikeforce promotion, and is gaining a quick following in UFC. He will be making his is second appearance at 205 pounds. It will be a true test in taking on Henderson, who also previously held a Strikeforce championship.

Henderson is by no means no slouch, as he also held two titles in Japan’s PRIDE organization, and is currently the UFC’s oldest active fighter at 43, but has plenty of fight left in him and despite dropping three straight contests in 2013, he finally got back on track with a huge win earning a TKO victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in March.

Make sure to check with your cable or satellite provider for info on “UFC 173” this weekend from Las Vegas!

My Interview with UFC Fighter John Makdessi

1. Where did your nickname of “The Bull” come from?

The nickname ‘bull’ was my sister who came up with it . One of my kickboxing fights she came with a poster calling me the Bull and everyone after started to call me the Bull. Also I’m born in May so being a Taurus also was the reason. And because of my fighting style being aggressive most of my fights …


 2. What made you want to make the transition from Kickboxing and Karate to the sport of MMA?
 My first goal was to become a professional kick boxer in Montreal but at that time kickboxing wasn’t as big as Mma so that’s how I decided to take a shot learning new arts and changing my style and adapting to the Mma sport. Also at that time I used to watch Pride and a fighter mirko cro cop was one of my favorites and inspiration…
 3. When you first got the call to join the UFC, what was running through your mind?
When I got the call of coarse I was thrilled and honored to be able to fight for my legacy and make a career out of a life of doing martial arts.
4. For those unfamiliar with your fighting style, give a quick rundown of what a John Makdessi fight looks like.
My goal is to have no style kind of. Being able to mix all the disciplines I learned through out my years. Able to mix it up into my own way of fighting. And that’s what separates me and makes me exciting fighter because I’m very unpredictable … Applying teakwondo , karate shotokan , kickboxing , kyokushin, Muay Thai , boxing , jujitsu , wrestling …. And I’m always learning new arts like judo and sambo…..
5. You have enjoyed very good success in your time in the UFC, who has been your toughest opponent to date?
My toughest opponent I don’t believe I have one all my fights were tough in there own way each fight brings a challenge so they we’re all tough ….
6. What has been your career highlight so far?
I believe coming from 2 losses and than facing a big name like Sam stout was a great honor to fight him and was for me to prove to myself if I got what it takes to become a champion one day…
7. You were victorious via 1st round KO in your last fight. Tell the fans who is on your radar as someone who you would like to fight.
I trained very well preparing myself for my last fight. I got a great team and I’m happy with the progression the lightweight division is stacked . So there are many great fighters I just want to prove myself and get a shot at the title doesn’t matter who they put in front of me.
8. Describe for us what an average day during your training camp consists of?
I’m very consistent in my training I’m always training getting better staying sharp. But close to a fight it gets more intense and specific to the game  a lot of skill work and technic and sparring …. I usually train 6x a day twice a day depending on what I’m focusing on…
9. All fighters are different in terms of what they do in the days/weeks after a fight, what do you do?
After the fight I go back home and rest a little and spend time With my family I got 2 brothers and a sister and my parents so I just enjoy the time with them and my girl friend …
10. If you had to pick a favourite athlete and sport (other than your own) what would they be?
Basketball Mj Michael Jordan was one of my favorites growing up watching the bulls play…..
11. There has been an influx of Canadian talent coming into MMA in the last little bit, what do you think means to our country as a whole?
I think the government should focus more on the athletes , Canadian athletes are amazing to the country and believe we need more support … For all sports not just hockey… It’s very rough and demanding what we do and people don’t really know how much it takes to be a athlete ….
12. You are one of the most prominent fighters who trains at the famous Tristar gym in Montreal, as well as some other high profile and skilled fighters such as Georges St. Pierre, Rory Macdonald and many more. What does it mean for you as a fighter and as a person to be surrounded with that kind of talent?
It means a lot to me able to test my skills and work along side  fighters like them and it makes me more motivated to train harder than everyone and keep getting better ….
13. Anything else you would like to say to your fans and our readers?
I want to thank all my fans and my family for the support even back In Lebanon I got a lot of family and fans being a decedent from Lebanon my parents moved to Canada when I was born. Big thanks to all my sponsors and fearthefighter check it out great brand me being the inspiration behind FTF and my brother and the whole team working at the brand making it one of the biggest in the world.  You can follow me @johnmakdessimma on twitter

John the bull makdessi on Instagram
And Fb fan page john the bull makdessi check out also my website




Big thanks to John for the smooth and prompt interview process!

Multipower interview with Nick Chapman

Nick1.       Thanks for joining us today Nick, commiserations on your defeat to Carl Kinslow, what are your recollections of the fight?


Hi guys thanks for having me. Where do I start!? I am obviously very disappointed with the outcome as I was dominating the fight until the choke. I worked very hard in preparation for the fight and I was more powerful, fitter and technically better than I’ve ever been but I just made a silly mistake. I felt invincible, I remember thinking this guy is going to get smashed as I was landing decent shots from the top and he couldn’t cope. My ‘confidence’ took over and I placed my head in a stupid position and handed him his only option which was a guillotine.

The guillotine is usually easy to defend, but instead I decided to pull out of it. This was my second mistake as it forced the guillotine in tighter. I should have placed my head on the mat and defended by holding his wrist and moving to the side. I did try to move to the side after I tried to pull my head free but the cage wall was in my way. I defend that choke every day in training but just did the wrong thing by trying to pull my head out.


I’m relatively inexperienced compared to the guys I am fighting and need to keep working on certain areas of my game I am undeterred and back training harder than ever.


2.       Did you go to ground in excitement of trying to finish the fight early or do you think you would of gone to ground no matter what?


I did the right thing by going to ground, it was the game plan that we had worked on for weeks, I just foolishly offered him my head and handed him a title. Even though he got the submission, I do believe in my ground game and when I’m thinking properly it’s much better than his.


 3.       It was great to see you shake hands with Kinslow after the bout especially as there seemed to be a bit of bad blood before the fight?


I will always shake the hand of my opponent after the fight whatever the outcome. There was never any bad blood, I have the utmost respect for Carl, he is a really nice guy. I just need to zone out before fights and I like to hype it up a bit. I find all the pre-fight banter fun.

4.       Is there anything you regret about the fight?


Placing my head in a position to offer up a guillotine and not working the proper defence. We live and we learn.


5.       Good stuff, so are you OK to tell us about how you got into MMA? Was there any particular part of MMA that you started from (Kickboxing/Judo etc)?


I just love to fight. I’ve been fighting all my life. Ever since I was a young boy I enjoyed fighting. It was a natural progression and an environment that I could channel my aggression without being arrested.


 6.       And your first loss was against Jimi Manuwa, what happened in the fight?


Yeah and it was for the same title. I got caught with a knee and it cut me. The ref stopped the fight. Again, I need more experience I feel. But hey, who doesn’t lose to Jimi!?


7.       And you mentioned that your next fight is on the 8th March, is there anyone in particular that you’d like to fight?


I wanted to get straight back in and fight November but something arose which prevented me from doing that. I am working on getting back to title contention as that’s my goal so whoever gets me there the quickest. I’m not too sure who it will be yet.


8.       Other than your bout in March, what are your plans for 2014?


2014 is set to be an awesome year. I am a very busy guy, I never sit still. I am launching two new Fight Science Gyms, one in Leeds and the other in Walton on Thames. I will be training intensely to improve my chances of gaining that title. I will be taking a short holiday and cramming in anything positive and constructive around all of that wherever I can.


9.       What’s been your career highlight so far?


I don’t have a single highlight moment as such but I can tell you that my loyal army of supporters and well-wishers is the single most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life. I don’t know what I have done to deserve such an awesome level of support, but it is truly humbling. I feel honoured to have each and every one of them behind me.

  1. 10.   Do you have any advice for people who want to get into MMA?

If you want to get into MMA then just do it. Don’t wait until your fitness is up, don’t wait until you feel ready don’t make excuses not to begin just jump straight in. It’s a life changing sport and if you’re serious and want to do it for the right reasons then you will never look back.


I would like to thanks Mulipower Professional, Muscle and Fitness, All About Guildford and Nexersys for their support and backing. I would also like to thank Sarah my girlfriend for putting up with all the stresses that come with fight preparation and for being such an awesome level of support and last but by no means least the Headhunter Army. Thanks you everyone, I will be back and we will win that title.,


Big thanks and credit goes out to Multipower Professional for this great interview with Nick!


BAMMA 13 Jimmy Wallhead Preview

rsz_jimmy-46_1Here is a great video of Jimmy Wallhead ahead of his BAMMA 13 fight against Eddy Ellis on Saturday. Enjoy!

Interview with BAMMA Superstar Jimmy Wallhead



1. When did you get into the sport of MMA and what made you decide to turn professional?


I got into MMA by chance really. I went and watched a show in Nottingham about 10 years ago. I  met a promoter, and got offered a fight on my previous judo credentials. I took the fight just because I was a fan of the sport, I thought, “why not?”.  My first fight was pro luckily.


2. How are you feeling ahead of your fight on September 14th and what do you think of your opponent Eddy Ellis?


I’m feeling really good, I had a good, long 12-week camp, so I’m ready and raring to go. I’ve got a tough test in the form of Eddy, he’s a good well-rounded opponent, but I’m really looking forward to it.


3. What would you say your toughest fight to date has been?


I really can’t think of one that stands out, there have been quite a few tough ones, so I can’t really pick one.


4. Who is your dream fight?


I haven’t really thought about it, but I suppose I’d have to say GSP because he’s the champion at my weight at the minute.


5. For those unfamiliar with your style, give us a rundown of how Jimmy Wallhead fights?


When I’m fighting at my best I’m explosive, with aggressive striking, a good all-round game and I try not to leave anything behind really, for the fans.


6. Care to give us a brief outline of your weekly training and eating program?


Roughly I train twice a day throughout the week covering striking, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and strength and conditioning.


7. Do you have to cut for a fight?

Yeah I started my camp at around 91/92kg and I fight at 77. It’s a hard, long slog but well worth it come fight night.


8. Anyone else on your radar that you would like to fight next?

No, not at all. Unless someone has annoyed me, I’ve never really gone around calling people out. My dream fight would be GSP as he is the Champion in my weight class.


9. Anything else you would like to say to our readers/your fans?

Tune in and watch BAMMA ‘13, it’s going be a great show it’s a great card. Just tune in and don’t miss out!


Jimmy Wallhead uses Multipower Sportsfood, for sports nutrition tailored to your individual needs, please visit

Carlos Condit once again shows he still belongs within the welterweight elite.


UFC Fight Night 27 took place last night and was headlined by a fight that saw former title challenger Carlos Condit in a rematch vs Martin Kampmann.

After a good first round by Kampmann, Condit came back and took control of the fight, en route to a 4th Round TKO.


Other results of the card are as follows:

Rafael dos Anjos def. Donald Cerrone via unanimous decision
Kevin Gastelum def. Brian Melancon via submission (rear-naked choke)
Court McGee def. Robert Whittaker via split decision
Takeya Mizugaki def. Erik Perez via split decision
Brad Tavares def. Bubba McDaniel via unanimous decision


Dylan Andrews def. Papy Abedi via third-round TKO
Brandon Thatch def. Justin Edwards via first-round TKO
Darren Elkins def. Hatsu Hioki via unanimous decision
Jason High def. James Head via submission (guillotine)
Zak Cummings def. Ben Alloway via submission (D’Arce choke)
Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo declared a no-contest (unintentional foul)

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